Best friends Casey and Andrea are thrown for a loop when Casey has a startling premonition about Andrea.  A comedic short film originally written, shot, and completed in 7 days for the "Celebrate the Web 5" challenge. 

At the conclusion of the challenge, the projects were screened at the ACME Comedy Theater in Los Angeles, and A TINY PROPHECY was awarded the Best Use of Numerical Element prize. (All projects were required to incorporate three elements announced at the start of the challenge, one thematic, one numerical, and one visual.) 
(short film/webseries pilot, 5:00) 

Other Screenings:


written, directed, and produced by Jennifer Liao
starring Emily Hurson, Janet Porter, Randy Thomas, Sandy Kellerman
original score by Maria Molinari
sound mixer Jeffery Magat
hair and makeup artist Anne Harrison
production assistant Stephanie Law